Retail - Get in front of customers while they are in your store

It may seem counter intuitive to encourage your shoppers to be on-line when they are in your store – you want them focused on your products and services. But whether you want it or not they are going to be on-line. With CheckBox powering your store’s guest WiFi you can redirect them to your sales flier and specials while they are in your store and offer a bounce back coupon to keep them coming back

And with free in-store wifi the kids can stay entertained, letting the parents stay (and shop) longer.

CheckBox not only provides wifi for your customers and helps you showcase your special offerings, it can also prevent users from staying on too long and abusing the system, with the ability to prevent users from staying on all day, and enforcing a timeout period that you designate before they can get back on-line.

With CheckBox one portal can manage one store or thousands of stores, with automatic notifications of outages or failures. CheckBox can even be tied in with loyalty card reward programs giving preferred shoppers extra perks like free wifi, extra time or more speed.