Questions and Answers

Q. How do I plan my hotspot system? What questions do I even ask?

A. Providing Guest Internet Access is not difficult, but does require some planning. For help determining what factors that you need to consider before buying a system, you can download a free copy of the booklet,

"Guest Internet Access; Getting Them On-Line".

You can also call CheckBox at 866-345-WiFi and one of our experienced representatives can help design a customized plan specific to your property.

Q. Do I need to have a separate computer to use CheckBox?

A. No, CheckBox does not require a dedicated computer.

Q. How large of an area will my hotspot cover?

A. Hotspot coverage, like a cordless phone can range from 40 or 50 feet up to over a thousand feet or more. Range can also be extended through the use of add-on mesh repeaters. For larger areas multiple mesh repeaters can be added.

Factors such as walls, construction materials and other wireless devices can all contribute to how far wireless access can reach. Also different wireless standards have differing ranges. (See comparison below)

Q. What kind of devices can access my hotspot?

A. CheckBox works with all wifi devices - phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, smart TVs and more.

Q. Do my customers have to load special software to access the hotspot?

A. Absolutely not. CheckBox works with your customer's web browser and does not use special proprietary software.

Q. How do I set up the system? I am not at all technical. Do I need to hire someone to do this?

A. The system was designed to be very simple to set up. Most of the configuration will be done by us before we ship the unit to you, although you can make changes to all settings yourself if you wish.For most small to mid-sized properties you do not need to hire someone to set up your system. If you wish to have it done professionally, any computer service technician should be able to have it up and running in less than a day.

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Q. How do I control access?

A. After the system has been set up, you open your web browser and login to your manangement screen . In your management screens you can determine whether to use tickets, limited or unlimited free access, credit cards or Paypal, or Permacodes. You can also use a combination, for example allowing everyone 30 minutes of free access each day, and then requiring them to get a ticket from the office or enter a credit card on the welcome screen.

Q. How do I use the included credit card software module?

A. You can allow your users to pay for their access with a credit card, in addition to tickets. The credit card access module is included with your master unit. It works in conjunction with the popular Paypal service and still allows you to determine the pricing and duration of the usage. Paypal charges a small per transaction fee, and you will need to establish a merchant account with Paypal. Your guest do not need to have a Paypal account to pay with a credit card.

Q. What about software updates?

A. Your CheckBox system will automatically check with our support servers on a regular basis for software updates. When updates are available your CheckBox system will automatically download and install the updates with no action required from you.

Q. What kind of warranty and support is included?

A. All new CheckBox systems include a one year warranty on the hardware, and one year of (U.S. based) phone and email support for you and your staff at no additional cost. In addition, all CheckBox systems include a 30 day warranty of satisfaction.

Q. Why don't you charge large monthly support fees like other WiFi providers?

A. CheckBox software development is done in-house, this eliminates our need to pay for the expense of outside sub-contractors, and we are able to pass these savings along to our customers. Also, CheckBox systems are entirely self contained, which means that we do not need to maintain any separate network infrastructure required to allow your guests to access the internet.

CheckBox is designed to be simple for both the property manager and the end users to operate, and with over fifteen years of experience, continually improving our products and learning about our customer's needs, we've found that CheckBox “just works” for most of our customers.

Of course with any electronics troubles occasionally arise. During the initial one year warranty and standard support period, we will repair or replace any defective CheckBox hardware, and provide phone and email support to you and your staff. Many of our customers decide to extend this warranty and support, which is available on an annual basis at a reasonable cost. However, this is NOT a requirement and your system is designed to continue working if you do not opt to continue support. There are NEVER any mandatory additional fees after you buy your CheckBox system.

Q. Why doesn't your Standard Support include Guest Support?

A. Most of the monthly fees other WiFi providers charge to the property owner, or collect from “shared revenue” ticket sales goes towards end-user support costs. Providing good support desk help can cost between $5 to $8 per call, or $1 to $2 if you use an off shore based service. However, the vast majority of CheckBox users do not need support, CheckBox just works for them.

So, with the business model that other WiFi providers use by selling service to, or “sharing revenue” with the property owner, the owner can end up paying hundreds of dollars per month to support a small minority of their users.

For venues that want to provide end-user support or are required by their franchise, CheckBox does offer U.S. based Guest Support packages at reasonable prices.