CheckBox Hardware

CheckBox Hotspot systems come in different sizes to accommodate different needs.

From a neighborhood coffee shop running a HSOne to a resort serving thousands of guests with an HSv5 series there really is a CheckBox solution for virtually every location. Compare for yourself.

The HSR+ is the perfect solution for smaller venues - cafés, coffee shops, bed & breakfasts, restaurants and clubs that want the control and branding that CheckBox provides, but don't need repeaters or credit card functionality.

The solution for small to mid size venues that need all of the features of the HSOne and also need more than one access point to provide coverage.

The CheckBox HSV510 is our most powerful system, designed for large venues, or any location with high traffic and bandwidth needs.

Standard features on all CheckBox Systems:

With CheckBox you are in control. Compare for yourself.

  • You determine what or if to charge
  • You keep 100% of the revenue
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • No required monthly fees (except internet access from your ISP)

CheckBox provides an automatic welcome page, redirecting all of your guests automatically to a welcome page featuring your properties graphics or images, welcome message, and options for connecting to the internet. After the guest is validated on the system they are given a message confirming that their access has been enabled, and are then redirected to a website you define, such as your properties web page. From there guests can surf, email, and chat until their time expires.

CheckBox includes the capability to block most peer-to-peer file sharing traffic – this can reduce bandwidth usage and can help protect you from liability should a user attempt to illegally upload or download copyrighted material.

You can choose one or more ways to authenticate access - to allow guests on line. Choices include:

  • Paper tickets with unique access codes
  • Credit card access
  • Limited Free Access
  • Unlimited Free Access
  • PermaCode, a property wide shared password
  • Tying in with your company loyalty or rewards card

Behind the scenes CheckBox automatically validates the user's credentials, logs them on, regulates their bandwidth usage and logs them off when their time expires, all with no intervention by you or your staff.

All Systems Include:

  • Customizable Welcome Page / Splash Page
  • Private Management Screens
  • A 30 day warranty of satisfaction
  • Point-of-Sale / Door Stickers and user guides
  • Web based administrative tools
  • 1 year of Remote access for off-site property management
  • 1 Year of 24/7 monitoring w/ text or email notifications of outages
  • 1 Year of Automatic software upgrades
  • 1 Year Hardware Warranty
  • 1 year of Support for you and your staff
  • Captive portal - no WEP or WPA required
  • *Ability to detect and prohibit most peer-to-peer file sharing traffic.
  • Supports wired and wireless clients
  • Splash page and redirect page fully configurable - no vendor banner ads or logos required
  • Splash page can be location or region specific
  • Splash page can be dynamically updated with your current CMS (content management system)
  • Domain White List - allow access to pre-specified domains without validation
  • Multiple validation options - tickets, limited or unlimited free access, credit cards & Perma codes
  • Property Management Integration - Supports integration with Property Management Systems
  • Participant loyalty/rewards program capable with provided API
  • VPN support for end clients for connecting to corporate clients
  • Single SSID throughout system, supports roaming among AP's
  • Compatible with all Operating Systems - No configuration changes required on guest laptops
  • UPnP supported
  • Support for static IP clients
  • Supports self-correcting mesh architecture with redundant connections between nodes
  • Self-configuring architecture supports wireless & wired mesh nodes for rapid, low cost deployment
  • Client-to-Client security isolation supported
  • Bandwidth throttling and management
  • System firewall to protect guests from external threats
  • Tunneling VPN for easy management without port forwarding, static IP's, or manual DMZ settings
  • Easily operates outside of corporate telecommunication infrastructure for PCI compliance
  • Can be used with external content filtering services
  • Web based administrative tools
  • Remote access for off-site property management
  • 24/7 monitoring with text or email notifications of outages
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • SMTP redirect available
  • Live 24/7 Guest Support available