Food Service

Major chains and smart independent operators have found that offering WiFi to patrons & diners is a great way to attract and please your guests.

Providing Guest WiFi is a great way to help guests stay productive while they dine, keep the kids entertained until the meal is served, and connect with your guests via the automatic landing pages.

With CheckBox, you can designate a landing page your guests see first, before they jump on-line. This could be your web site, Facebook page, or a page listing today’s specials.

With CheckBox in your establishment not only can you provide Internet access for your guests, you prevent non-guests from getting on-line and automatically limit the amount of time guests are on-line to help maintain table turn. CheckBox can even be tied in with loyalty card reward programs giving preferred customers free access or enhanced speeds.

With CheckBox your management portal can manage one store or thousands of locations, with automatic notifications of outages or failures.