CheckBox Guest WiFi Solutions

Everyone carries and travels with their wireless devices - Smartphones, tablets, portable gaming systems, laptops... Offering Wireless Internet is a great way to attract, engage with and retain customers and potential customers.

With CheckBox your customers see your branding, logo and any messages you want them to see as they connect to your WiFi. CheckBox allows you to engage with your customers and guests right on their screens they are already staring at while they are on premise.

CheckBox is a powerful wireless gateway and management system that scales from dozens to thousands of users; CheckBox allows you to control who can use your internet connection and for how long.

It's your system - Unlike systems from other providers, your customers do not have to pre-subscribe to a monthly plan - they can purchase access on an impulse. These other providers keep the lion's share of the revenue, and allow users to roam across locations, including to competitors locations. CheckBox lets you keep the revenue, all of the revenue, and the customers. And of course, you can give it away for free if you wish.

CheckBox makes offering Wireless Internet easy & inexpensive:

  • Quick & Easy setup
  • 100% property owned & controlled
  • No required recurring fees, except Internet access from the ISP of your choice.